The Flying Dutchmen

(EU/Netherlands & Canada)

The Rolling Stones of streetperformers, The Flying Dutchmen,
are doing their last tour... again!

Amsterdam’s juggler Michiel Hesseling... “A Mozart in his profession” and Canada’s fearless crazy French Canadian unicyclist Jean-Michel Paré combine their multiple talents to become “The Flying Dutchmen” which is odd because only one of them is Dutch and neither of them is a steam locomotive.

Prepare for classic comedy with this original old school gem. 

Saturday 29 April

  • 1:00pm Cornmarket

  • 5:o0pm St Anne's Square

Sunday 30 April

  • 2:20pm Writers' Square

  • 5:00pm Cornmarket

Monday 1 May

  • 2:00pm Cornmarket

  • 3:40pm Writers' Square