The Big Finish

If you know the Festival of Fools, you will know that we love a Big Finish. Every street show needs a big finish and so we thought why not put them all together for the biggest finish of all. After a hard day’s festival going, there is nothing better than gathering in St Anne's Square to meet up with friends and family, kick back with a drink and a bite to eat while you enjoy some of the best bits of the Festival of Fools. Highlights of all the acts will be presented across three nights of the Big Finish. Enjoy the frolics and folly right up to the end of each day and if you still have energy left at the end of all that, then you can always join the fun of Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival. 

Saturday 29 April    St Anne's Square    6pm

Sunday 30 April    St Anne's Square    6pm

Monday 1 May    St Anne's Square    6pm