Wet Weather

Without a reliable crystal ball – ours hasn’t worked properly since it was borrowed by a contact juggler – we have been making contingency plans in case the sun shines during Festival. We have ordered a bottle of sun cream to share in the event of a bright yellow thing appearing above us. We have also engaged a trauma counsellor to advise people in what to do in such an event.

If it rains, we have back up locations set aside at thanks to the generosity of Victoria Square, Ulster Universityand the Circus School to ensure that the festival will continue.

If it rains and you want to know what is going on and where it is happening, then the simplest thing to do is log on to our facebook page or follow us on twitter @foolsfest

Come rain or shine, the city of Belfast will still be alive with the sounds of laughter.

We won’t be able to place all shows indoors due to logistical challenges, but we will put as many as we can fit indoors.  So even if it’s raining, come on down to Belfast City Centre and enjoy an amazing street festival in the dry!

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