Luis Brusca

Presents: The Train...Is Gone!!! 


A Drifter arrives at the station just as the freight train has left, which was to take him to where his love is - someone who may have been waiting for him for a long time, but the gone.

Dejected and downcast...until he sees his fellow travellers on the platform of life.

There follows a series of gentle encounters with the sensitive clown within. Unmissable echoes of our giants of the silent screen in this poetic work of clowning. 

Saturday 29 April

  • 12:40pm Cotton Court
  • 3:00pm St Anne’s Square

  • 5:00pm Cotton Court

Sunday 30 April

  • 3:00pm Bank Square
  • 5:00pm St Anne’s Square

Monday 1 May

  • 1:00pm Writers’ Square
  • 3:00pm St Anne’s Square