Il Cataldo

Presents: What’s Cooking? A Chef - A Soup - A Mission


Jacques Couteau, eccentric French chef, has just opened his exclusive new restaurant offering up a unique blend of the freshest ingredients: seasoned circus skills, spicy theatrical moments and locally sourced, free-range audience members!

All he needs now is a customer... oh, and some food. Who will it be? What will they eat? Will they eat with a smile on their face? Will romance be on the menu?

This show is a tasty blend of slackrope, comedy, improvisation and tons of audience participation that will keep you captivated from the starter right through to dessert. 

Saturday 29 April

  • 3:00pm Bank Square

  • 5:00pm Bank Square

Sunday 30 April

  • 1:00pm Bank Square

  • 4:00pm Bank Square

Monday 1 May

  • 12:20pm Writers' Square

  • 3:00pm Writers' Square