He flew in to bamboozle us all last year and we still haven’t worked him out so he is back again with his unique street show bringing together classic clowning in a New Vaudevillian style.  Nobody loves props more than Dado, combining them with a delicious variety of slapstick comedy and improvised mayhem.

This disturbingly hypnotic artist produces an array of original props presented with a bizarre collection of unusual instruments of comedic eccentricity. Does that make it any clearer? No? Then you just have to watch his show then.

Saturday 29 April

  • 2:00pm Cornmarket

Sunday 30 April

  • 3:00pm St Anne's Square

  • 5:00pm Cotton Court

Monday 1 May

  • 1:20pm St Anne's Square

  • 2:40pm Cornmarket