Abigail Collins

Presents: Une Femme Exposée


Meet Basil, the B.U.M. (Brexit Under Minister). As Great Britain prepares to leave the EU, Basil is busy flying the Union Jack, selling the nation's wares and letting the world know that Britain is open for business. Watch the Brexit process explained through the Great (dis)United Kingdom Tea Ceremony and enjoy a whirlwind tour through British popular culture; Elgar, The Sex Pistols, Dame Vera Lynn, The Spice Girls and the Olympic glory of Team GB. No cultural stereotype has been left unturned in this pantomime of what it means to be British during Brexit. Hula hoops, acrobatics and a rousing audience sing-a-long create an entertainment roller-coaster for our times.

Saturday 29 April

  • 1:20pm St Anne's Square

  • 4:00pm Cotton Court

Sunday 30 April

  • 1:00pm Cornmarket

  • 3:00pm Cotton Court

Monday 1 May

  • 2:00pm Cornmarket

  • 4:40pm Writers' Square