Wet Weather

We always hope that the weather will be warm and sunny just like it usually is!   But just in case there is some heavy rain, troche the Festival is very grateful to these following 4: Victoria Square, cheap the Ulster University, diagnosis 101 Donegall Street and to Belfast Circus for offering wet weather venues to stage most of our shows.   At this stage we cannot be too precise in saying which shows will go where because it all depends on how bad the weather ends up.   What we can say is that we will be putting up posts on facebook and twitter and on telling people which shows will be happening in which indoor venue if it rains.

As a rule of thumb, we will put Cornmarket shows into Victoria Square; Cotton Court into Belfast Circus and Writers Square/ St Anne’s into  Ulster University on York St/ 101 Donegall Street.

We won’t be able to place all shows indoors due to logistical challenges, but we will put as many as we can fit indoors.  So even if it’s raining, come on down to Belfast City Centre and enjoy an amazing street festival in the dry!