Les Dudes


Let's do this!


The Festival of Fools is delighted to welcome this incredible acrobatic duo with a high energy, rock and roll beast of a circus street show.  

Let’s Do This! brings us a finely tuned show fresh from a run of 300 shows in 25 countries.  

You will be led into a realm where surprise is to be expected and where the impossible is delivered time after time.  

Puppets will perform acrobatics, a 5 year old will be somersaulted through the air propelled by our 2 heroes.  

Coming at you live and direct from the home of superlative circus skills, you will never believe in gravity again once you have seen this spectacular show.

Please welcome Les Dudes.  Or Their Dudenesses or Duders, or El Duderinos – if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.

Fri 29 April

7pm Writers’ Square

Sat 30 April

12pm Writers’ Square

3pm Cornmarket

Sun 1 May

1.40pm Cornmarket

3.40pm St Anne’s Square

Mon 2 May

2pm Cornmarket

5pm St Anne’s Square