Digital Ringmaster

For the first time the Festival of Fools is to have a Digital Ringmaster – an artist dedicated to guiding the audience through the unique Festival of Fools experience online, directing their attention to the various acts and creating a virtual experience for those people who cannot be in five places at once.

Maybe you’re housebound, computer bound, outward bound or homeward bound.

Perhaps you will have finished watching Dansko Gida in Cornmarket and wonder what the craic is like in Cotton Court?

Fear not, because the Digital Ringmaster will whip up a virtual experience of all the fun as it happens.  All you have to do is follow #foolsfest and watch it unfold across facebook, twitter and instagram.

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Join the Conversation #foolsfest

We are inviting everybody to share their Festival of Fools experience either on twitter or facebook by using the hashtag #foolsfest

Send out your photos, comments and videos so the world can see what a great time they are missing.

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